Wellingborough is a diverse and welcoming community, a School which believes that our fees should not present a barrier to children who are in a position to benefit from the opportunities that we offer. We understand the transformative effect of education and hope that as many children as possible will be able to flourish here, regardless of their background. The parents of approximately 50 Wellingborough School pupils, aged 9 to 18, are currently in receipt of a means-tested Bursary.

What is a Bursary?

A Bursary is a means-tested financial award designed to assist entry to the School for those who are not able to meet the full cost of the fees. Bursary amounts vary from 10% to 100%, and some awards pay towards additional costs such as uniform. We use a broad range of criteria to enable decisions to be made, and these include:

  • Financial position of parents. Applications for Bursaries will be accompanied by considerable financial information so that the School is in a position to allocate its funds as wisely as possible.
  • Age of pupil. The applications we receive each year vary, and awards can change, so we are in a stronger position to commit to seeing a pupil through their education the older they are.
  • Academic assessment. We want all of our pupils to be happy in their studies; their academic ability is used as a way of ensuring that they will flourish here.

Bursary applications for the following academic year (including renewals) are considered by the Bursar in January; application forms with supporting documentary evidence must be submitted by the first day of the Lent (Spring) term. Parents are informed of the result of their application in February.

Applications that are made after the start of the Lent term may still be considered - and the same qualifying criteria will be used - but the School's ability to offer funding at that later stage will depend on the decisions previously made.

Bursary Policy

What proportion of the fees will my Bursary cover?
How will I know how much Bursary help I might receive?
If I am awarded a Bursary, will it continue for the whole of my child’s education at Wellingborough?
What about the extras such as help with School uniform and trips?
Will my child fit in to the School if most children are on a full fee-paying basis?
Are there a fixed number of Bursaries available?
How do I apply for a Bursary?
Does applying for a Bursary commit me to accepting the place?