At Wellingborough School we provide children and young adults with a world of opportunity.

As a diverse and welcoming community, we believe that the fees should not present a barrier to able children gaining entry to our School. As such, our Scholarships come with a financial reward, and means-tested bursaries are available to further support pupil entry.

The School teaches more than 850 pupils aged 3 to 18, divided between a Nursery & Pre-Preparatory School (3-8 years), a Preparatory School (8-13) and the Senior School & Sixth Form ( 13- 18). We offer a complete education which places the interests of the individual at its centre. We welcome new joiners at entry points throughout the School, adding to the richness of our community.

The School wishes for prospective parents and pupils to fully understand our environment and ethos before committing. We aim to educate and develop each pupil we admit to the best of his or her potential, both academically and socially.

The range of opportunities available is extensive, which allows pupils to discover new talents or develop existing ones. They are encouraged to participate widely and our activity programme extends beyond the normal school day.