Creative Arts

Pre-Prep (Ages 4-8)
Pre-Prep (Ages 4-8)

All our pupils at Wellingborough Pre-Prep are encouraged to develop their creative skills through art, music, drama and dance. The skills taught by our class and specialist teachers encourage social interaction, increase physical control, stimulate imagination and teach children to respond appropriately.

From Nursery, the children develop an understanding of colour, shape, space and pattern, learning to use a range of tools, techniques and materials. In Year 2 and 3, Art is taught by a specialist teacher and amazing works of art are created through individual and group projects. An Art exhibition in the Trinity term demonstrates what children of this age can achieve - it’s very impressive.

Mr G is our music teacher; every class has two lessons a week where the children are introduced to a wide range of skills. In Year 2 we have a strings project where every pupil has the opportunity to play a violin or cello. Two concerts, later in the year, demonstrate how well they progress over the year. If they then wish to take up individual lessons, these are available with our specialist peripatetic music teachers. At present children in the Pre-Prep may have individual lessons in singing, cello, violin, piano and drums.

Each year group, from Nursery to Year 3, puts on a highly anticipated annual play at one point in the academic year where all pupils enjoy the opportunities to sing, act, dance and perform to parents. Class assemblies also give the children an opportunity to develop their ability to speak clearly and confidently in front of different audiences.

Dance is taught by a specialist teacher from Nursery through to Y3 at lunchtimes. Children are offered Modern/Tap and ballet techniques, leading to opportunities to take examinations later in their dance ‘journey’. Each year group performs at our annual ‘Family of Schools’ Day in July.

Pre-Prep (Ages 4-8)