Pre-Prep (Ages 4-8)

There are many opportunities for the children to develop their sporting prowess in the Pre-Prep.

In our Nursery and Reception, all children have a weekly games lesson coupled with a session with our PE specialist in the Hall. From Reception to Year 3 the children work towards a gymnastics certificate in their PE lessons, as well as improving co-ordination, teamwork and dance.

In Year 1 the children benefit from the expertise of our whole school Games staff to develop their ball skills. In Years 2 and 3, girls focus on hockey, netball and rounders, whilst boys are taught the skills and tactics of tag rugby, football and cricket, leading our Year 3 pupils to sports fixtures in each sport. In the Trinity term, all children from Reception upwards develop their swimming confidence and style at the local Waendel Centre, culminating in a Gala in June. Following that, in July, we hold our annual Sports day with every child competing to gain points for their team colour.

Pre-Prep (Ages 4-8)