Senior (Ages 13-16)

This fundamental feature of Wellingborough life is termed ‘co-curricular’ because active participation outside the classroom complements pupils' work and the School believes that it is integral to achieving both academic success and developing as a rounded person.

We have a strong emphasis on active participation beyond the traditional sporting pursuits. Our aim is to stimulate pupils with a range of experiences. We do not seek to attract pupils who need to be led by the hand and the School does not suit "shrinking violets". We do not allow pupils to "drift" or "coast" and we deliberately challenge. We expect pupils to be involved in the myriad of opportunities outside the classroom and as such we operate, in effect, a 6 day week; in the case of many pupils this can even be 7 days' involvement in School activities in the sense that, in addition to weekly activities, weekends provide a wealth of opportunities for rehearsals for Drama and Musical Theatre, CCF and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, Debating and Public Speaking and Young Enterprise presentations. The Chapel Choir sings at a number of Sunday services during the year.

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Senior (Ages 13-16)