Welcome to the Sixth Form

Sixth Form (Ages 16-18)

Welcome to Wellingborough Sixth Form where life is different to any other part of the School; there is a tangible progression from the GCSE years - less formality whilst at the same time retaining a business-like atmosphere. It is also different in the sense that there is an annual influx of new pupils, who arrive for the "Wellingborough Sixth Form Experience".

These are just some of the key features of our Sixth Form:

  • Small class sizes – 8 average
  • Unique opportunity to study four A-Levels
  • Robust subject options – eg. Further Maths and Latin
  • EPQ successes
  • Breadth of choice – 21 subjects
  • Full range of musical tuition
  • High number achieving first choice university
  • Headstart
  • Opportunity to participate in sports and other activities

Academic work and success are central to this experience and the over-riding ethos is that the pursuit of intellectual curiosity is both accepted and promoted.  In the Sixth Form there is even greater emphasis upon encouraging pupils to take personal responsibility for their work, by assessing their own progress, setting their own targets and aspiring to success. During the Sixth Form pupils will be provided with numerous opportunities to develop their leadership, interpersonal and organisational skills. It is assumed that all Sixth Formers will take on the responsibility of being a role model to younger pupils.

We are constantly striving to meet the needs of our developing young people, to allow them a greater degree of independence whilst recognising that many still need support in order to meet their full academic potential.

Leadership Opportunities
Freedoms & Responsibilities
Curriculum Enrichment
Sixth Form (Ages 16-18)