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We are working towards changing to a two-school structure for September 2020, with the Senior School running from age 11 to 18 (Year 7 to Upper Sixth) and the Prep School from age 3 to 11 (Nursery to Year 6), within which Year 2 and below will remain in their purpose-built setting. We are also excited about the opportunity to develop our Sixth Form experience.

The timing of this decision comes about in response to major changes in the public examination systems, both at GCSE and A Level, which make it important that responsibility for and organisation of the pupils’ academic diet falls to the Senior School from an earlier age, enabling us to tailor our curriculum and support progress towards these public examinations even more effectively. Whilst the journey that our pupils take must be a happy one, much of their success is judged by academic outcomes at the point of departure and, having assessed what the new national systems mean for our pupils, we are confident that the time is right to make this change. We can also take this opportunity to further enhance the excellent pastoral care at the School.

With the overwhelming majority of children leaving primary schools at the end of Year 6, and more than half of independent Prep and Junior Schools also only taking pupils up to Year 6, making this change will create a much more natural transition, in step with the expectations and experience of most parents. Similarly, we are taking this opportunity to align our transition between Key Stages 1 and 2 (Year 2 to Year 3).

The following document explains the decision in more detail, please use the form at the bottom of the page to submit any feedback or questions you may have. All comments and questions are being regularly collated and discussed within the School.

Feedback from Parent Consultations (Phase 1) Update - January 2019

Update - February 2019

Who We Are